The EWS View: Top Talent Trends For 2024

It’s a challenging time to be a recruiter. 2023 has seen the post-pandemic landscape continue to shift, with macroeconomic pressures mounting, new trends emerging and an increasingly precarious relationship between talent supply and demand.  The only absolute certainty is that there is no going back to the way things were pre-pandemic. The old normal is […]

Are Video CVs a Good Thing for Employers?

For many large employers, candidate videos are already an integral part of the hiring process. Video interviews are relatively commonplace (and set to become more so with the advent of predictive analytics offering automated screening). But is there a role for video at the first stage of selection?

5 Employers who are Winning at Candidate Experience

This summer, we wrote about the most common mistakes made by recruiting teams when engaging candidates. That was the downside. Now it’s time to even things up by revealing the employers getting their candidate experience absolutely right.