From London and Buenos
Aires… to the world.

  • Since 2006 we’ve built an unrivalled team of researchers and consultants spanning the globe.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our processes, research and data.
  • You can trust us to deliver a solution that works for you – on time, and always at great value.

Transforming the
talent arena

We started out back in 2006 with offices in London and Buenos Aires – plus a mission to disrupt and transform the unwieldy, costly business of sourcing talent.

Our aim was to deliver a more efficient, responsive and cost-effective solution to all kinds of organisations across the world – even those with the most complex hiring needs.

And here we are: still delivering on our ambition, with agile, scalable and expert talent mapping, research and sourcing, with a truly global reach.

When we say global, we mean it

Our specialist teams span the world, and operate in all key markets. This means they’re already fully embedded in your target regions, so have the local knowledge, cultural sensitivity and credibility to reach out and engage candidates.

Plus, because these teams are completely scalable, it means maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness for you.

Making data dumps a thing of the past

In a marketplace where ‘data dump’ solutions are commonplace, we pride ourselves on the quality of our processes, so you can be 100% confident in the quality of the data you receive.

Bringing you great quality and value, all the time

We view our role as problem solvers, tasked with finding solutions to your recruitment challenges. And our aim is to create a true partnership with you; working together to represent you professionally, ethically and always with total transparency and integrity.

“When you know that 89% of candidates say being contacted by a recruiter makes them accept a job faster – you understand the power of expert outreach.”

Our expertise

We work closely with you

We’ll get to know you to define your hiring and intelligence needs (plus your goals and pain points) and your target talent groups. Then we’ll assign a dedicated executive research team, scaled to your requirements in the markets you want to explore.

We work fast

You don’t have time for mediocre, and neither do we. Our researchers and consultants are committed to finding the best quality active and passive candidates, and delivering unrivalled market insights.

We work right

We’re committed to total transparency at all times, and to clear, ongoing communication throughout every project. That’s why global market leaders continue to trust us for their strategic and immediate sourcing needs.