• Uncover your competitors’ talent strategies.
  • Understand what drives the best in your industry to make that all-important career move.
  • Make smarter long-term hiring decisions – and take your hiring strategy to the next level.



Market knowledge is power. But that power is only
as strong as the data you have. Our specialist team
will unearth the quality insights you need to 
future-proof your talent strategy – reinforced by an
industry-leading research process, and a forensic
commitment to accuracy.

“Very happy with EWS performance and their reporting. The company did a great job and I have already shared their details internally with colleagues in other divisions.”​

Discover the best talent, through comprehensive mapping

We’ll investigate and map the relevant available skills for your business wherever they are, and however niche, by region, function, sector or diversity.

Gain insights into your competitors’ strategies

We’ll explore what your competitors are doing, and how they’re doing it – so you’ll see clearly what you can leverage from their talent strategy.

Find out who’s moving where, and why

Through confidentially talking to people in relevant roles, we can gain vital insights into who’s changing jobs, why they’re moving, where they’re going to… plus on-the-ground perceptions of employers – both good and bad.

See who’s recruiting or downsizing

Through detailed market mapping, we’ll help you  discover who else is recruiting, downsizing or making acquisitions in your area or sector.

See who’s paying what (and what you should be paying)

Through analysis of competitor compensation levels, we’ll interrogate the market to find out what you should be paying your talent for their skillsets – and how others structure their compensation packages.

Tap into current recruiting trends

We’ll analyse the recruiting trends of your competitors, including the type of roles they’re hiring for, where new recruits come from, the demographic of new hires, the number of live roles and all reporting structures.

Stay ahead of the curve in diversity hiring

We’ll help you understand who’s doing well in terms of diversity hiring – and guide you in the right direction to find and engage with the right diverse talent.

Get advance knowledge of competitor activity

Gain invaluable insights into any restructuring plans, key personnel changes, or any intimations of shifts in your competitors’ workforce – so you can take proactive action.

Uncover details on competitors’ team sizes and structures

We’ll deliver comprehensive organisational charts to reveal all the information you need, for a deeper understanding of how your competitors are structured.

Be future - proof with a talent pipeline

We’ll work with you to develop a ready pool of talent – for one or several areas of your business – on a global or local level.