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Why do leading companies in so many sectors choose us to research talent markets and find quality candidates worldwide? We believe there are four key reasons.

1. We’re global

Our network of research specialists reaches around the world. Whichever markets you want to search for talent, we’re already on the ground and up to speed. You can rely on our culturally diverse, multilingual researchers to know the best ways to find and engage quality candidates who fit your company’s ethos, values and objectives.

2. We’re flexible

We can be fully responsive to your company’s unique talent needs. We’ll begin your assignment by agreeing your objectives, then tailor our expertise to provide a bespoke solution that fits in with the way you want to work. We report regularly too, so we’re ready and able to adapt our approach any time your objectives change.

3. We’re credible

Trusted relationships have been the cornerstone of our business since 2004. We are experienced, committed to quality and trusted by leading multinationals to deliver exceptional results through exceptional client service. Our aim is to become your strategic talent partner, working as a seamless extension of your internal recruitment team.

4. We’re lean

With fixed resource costs replacing traditional placement fees, EWS is set up to be responsive, efficient and cost effective. Taking advantage of offshore research, digital communications and economies of scale, our lean business model offers big time and cost savings without compromising service quality. Our cost efficiency is exponential too, so the more we work with you, the more you save.

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