Goodbye Job Description. Hello Success Profile.

Follow our example and rewrite your job descriptions to work harder, say more with less and diversify your candidate pool.

Earlier this year, we wrote a post outlining the problems with traditional job descriptions and offering an alternative: the success profile.

We finished the post with a promise to share a sample success profile with its job description counterpart. And that’s precisely what we’re doing here, using a job that will be familiar to one or two readers.

Here are our before-and-after versions – traditional job description vs. success profile – for a Recruiting Manager.


The acid test for recruiters: which version would you apply for first? (Your head may be turned even more by this super-concentrated Recruiting Manager’s success profile by NPR, the US public radio network. Not an ounce of fat on it but it still manages to say more about the role than an old-fashioned job description 5x as long.)

We hope you’re inspired to add the success profile to your recruiter’s toolkit. It’s a shift in perspective that benefits us all.

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