Talent pipelines

The proactive way to future-proof your business.

How do you hire the people your company needs if they’re not looking in your direction? Traditional recruiting says you hope they’re available when your opportunity arises. But with EWS talent pipelining, you take the lead in connecting with the best talent out there to develop self-retaining talent pools in key functions for years to come.

Our proven candidate research and engagement expertise helps you identify, track and connect with talent perfectly matched to the needs and goals of your organisation. We create and sustain fruitful connections on your behalf. Then, when the time is right to discuss a role, your ideal candidates are already primed, engaged and partially on board.


  • Nurture rich relationships with quality passive candidates
  • Generate strong referrals far into the future
  • Significantly cut time (and cost) to hire
  • Ensure a good cultural fit long before interview

Examples of our work


Delivering a future of talent for a global banking leader

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Sourcing and screening talent to take a global tech corporation into emerging markets

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