The EWS View: Top Talent Trends For 2024

It’s a challenging time to be a recruiter. 2023 has seen the post-pandemic landscape continue to shift, with macroeconomic pressures mounting, new trends emerging and an increasingly precarious relationship between talent supply and demand.  The only absolute certainty is that there is no going back to the way things were pre-pandemic. The old normal is […]

A high level search across Asia

We searched across diverse Asian markets to find a number of exceptional senior software engineers for our global technology client.

From very passive, to hired VP

We helped our biotech client find a Vice President of Strategic Sourcing to support their global business partnership. We identified and engaged 18 passive candidates, and an offer was made to someone who hadn’t previously considered making a move. The client saved between $50k and $60k in hiring costs.

Hiring for a never-hired-for role

We found a number of senior assistant VP-level candidates to help lead a new therapeutic area within our pharma client’s company. The total newness of the speciality was a challenge – but our researchers mapped the market, created a compelling narrative and attracted a high number of candidates, from which our client hired two.

Full mapping in just four weeks

We helped a mid-sized pharma company save more than $70,000 in finding a high priority Chief Information Security Officer. Within four weeks, we delivered a comprehensive mapping report which included 300+ relevant candidates, from which we presented 32 to our client.

$100,000 saved for pharma

We helped our pharma client make two senior Human Assay Technology hires – and save over $100,000 in recruitment costs. After identifying the relevant talent pools, our research team delivered a detailed report of nearly 200 relevant profiles – and gave the client a shortlist of available, relevant and engaged candidates.