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Smarter talent sourcing for leading global businesses.

At the turn of the millennium, expensive search firms were the only way for companies to secure top passive candidates. The process was unwieldy and impractical for extensive hiring needs, leaving many global businesses keen to harness the potential of digital channels and research to source and hire talent directly.

This was the realisation EWS founder Emma Watson came to during her time in executive search in London and New York. And it was her reason for wanting to create a more efficient, responsive and cost-effective approach to talent sourcing.

EWS launched in 2004 to support multinationals’ talent acquisition teams by quickly finding and connecting with the right talent.

From day one, our focus has been on the quality of our connections, the strength of our client relationships and the expertise of our team. After more than a decade of consistent growth, we have built one of the strongest and most reliable teams of experienced researchers and consultants in the industry.

Discover the benefits our proven approach to global talent sourcing will bring to your business.

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