The World’s Best Software Engineers: Where They Are and How to Hire Them

As much as software engineers are changing the world, the world of software engineering is changing.

The Internet of Everything is fast becoming reality, leaving few areas of modern life untouched by software. The domain of the software developer is expanding exponentially, from their traditional base in IT firms and tech houses to pretty much every sector going.

The upshot: good software engineers are needed everywhere, making them harder to find anywhere.

For recruiters hiring globally, the first ports of call have long been California and India. But the landscape is changing fast. The US has a yawning software talent gap, while concerns have arisen about reliability within India’s developer community.

Is it time for recruiters to tap into new markets for software engineers? As the global start-up culture devolves and democratises tech talent more than ever before, we believe there’s a strong case.

To make that case, here’s our new infographic research report into the emerging world of software engineering talent.