Helping a global innovator search Sub-Saharan Africa for a very particular finance leader

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Our client is a $10 billion conglomerate active in over 50 countries and renowned worldwide for innovative products and solutions. Following a successful partnership identifying strategic leaders in the US and Europe, we were asked to source a finance leader in 4 weeks to drive major operational change in Sub-Saharan Africa.


We were sourcing from a very small candidate pool with a rare set of skills. Based in South Africa, the role demanded a senior figure comfortable driving change and capable of unifying a disparate region. They had to come from a specific sector background, with deep reporting and regulatory knowledge. And they needed to have managed turnovers far larger than most financial controllers.


We began with extensive research into the Southern African market to understand skills, experience and talent in the region. This translated into a comprehensive mapping report offering our client valuable market insights as well as leading candidate profiles.

Next we connected with passive candidates to assess their suitability for and interest in the role. With core competencies and soft skills so clearly defined, we could quickly screen out unsuitable profiles, leaving us confident that our shortlisted candidates were a great match for the role and the company.


Our client interviewed the majority of our candidates and made an offer to the strongest, which was accepted. An extremely hard-to-fill business-critical role had been filled efficiently and painlessly, allowing the company to pursue its plans in Africa.

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