Researching the US pharma sector with a fine-toothed comb

Immediate hires
Market intelligence


A global pharmaceutical company approached us to conduct a search for a senior medical director with a very particular background.


The role involved strategic leadership of a key franchise, requiring specialist expertise including an MD qualification, clinical trial experience and detailed knowledge of relevant therapeutic areas. And all at a time when the company had identified the need to augment its leadership team with board-certified senior directors.


Such a challenging role required a pan-US search to provide the widest slate of profiles and offer a richer understanding of the market, available skills and compensation levels. Our deep research created a target list of US competitors based on therapeutic area, size and product maturity.

By targeting only the most relevant companies, we were able to highlight the most suitable profiles. Then we set to work carrying out discreet approaches and detailed screening.


We created a targeted shortlist, from which the company interviewed several candidates and hired one. Our research also turned up a number of other candidates of interest, with further interviews scheduled.

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